Aleen Aked (American/Canadian, 1907-2003)

      Aleen Aked was born in England in 1907 and immigrated 
to Canada in 1910. From 1929 to 1944 winters were spent in
Sarasota, Florida. 

      An avid golfer, she was an honorary Member of the Ladies Golf Club
 of Toronto from 1927, she was the junior girl’s champion in 1917, and the
club champion from 1933-36

    She was a close friend of the famed Canadian “group of seven,” and studied with Arthur Lismer, Fred Varley, A. Y. Jackson among other noted artists. She also studied at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, in the winter of 1935. In 1936 she took private lessons in Sarasota with the acclaimed American artist, Abbott Graves. 

    From 1932-1939 she was a member of the Sarasota Art Association and was president in 1942. She also was a member of the Southern States Art League and the Florida Federated Art program.

In 1935 Aked won a prize for the best landscape painting at the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, and won another prize there for the most popular oil painting in 1938. She also exhibited at the Allied Artists of America and the Royal Canadian Academy. In 1940, Aked had a solo exhibition at the New York City Public Library and the Sarasota Art Association. During World War II, Aked rarely exhibited and instead contributed to the war effort, sending over 5,000 packages to the allied troops. From 1946 there was a continuing solo exhibition at the Ladies Golf Club of Toronto. 

 Aleen Aked died in 2003, leaving a legacy of beautiful impressionist renderings of the Florida landscape and its people.

 Sunny Myakka, Myakka River, Florida, ca. late 1930s. 

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    Aleen Aked (American/Canadian, 1907-2003)
Villa in Venice, Florida. 

Above, left: Aleen Aked with her golfing trophies. Above right: Aked playing golf.
Aked was a champion golfer
who knew Bobby Jones.